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Wooden Docks

Our wooden docks are a modular and aesthetic solution. Fully removable, they have very limited impact on the environment and adapt to all natural spots: sea, lake, pond or river.

Our wooden docks consist of a galvanized adjustable steel structure anchored to the bottom with piles and pinewood decking. The basic module measures 1.60m wide and 5.00m long.

These fixed wooden pontoons provide a solution that is both attractive and very solid, which adapts to any environment - sea, lake, pond or river - and virtually all types of soil. Our pontoons are easy to install, require no intervention of heavy machinery, can be disassembled for storage, and have a very limited impact on the natural environment.

Pinewood decking

The decking of our modular wooden docks consists of individual decks in widths of 1.20m, 1.60m or 3.50m, and length of 2.50m (2 decks per module). It is made by default in the best quality pressure treated pine. After cutting the wood is impregnated in class NTR A, which means that all ends are also impregnated. Decks are also available in the tropical and FSC certified wood Mandioquiera whose properties are ideal for just this purpose. All decks are assembled with stainless steel screws and the structure is hot-galvanized. All screws are made of stainless steel grade A4.

Modular structure made of galvanized steel

The pontoon structure consists of an assembly of galvanized steel beams, round and square tubes.

The basic module has a length of 5.00m. It is anchored on two H clamps 2.40m wide fixed in the bottom of the water by pipes with 60mm section. Each clamp can accept up to 8 pipes mechanically beaten from the deck of the pontoon. Up to 2 meters long they can be continuously moved laterally and angled so that it is always possible to fit all the pipes even in difficult locations with many stones. This unique system ensures perfect and strong anchoring of the wooden dock, in virtually all types of soils or water beds. In case of wintering, only 2 people are needed to dismantle and store decks and supporting frame, anchoring system remains in place (max overhang. 20cm).

Galvanized steel swim ladders and railings with steel, wood or rope handrails

As accessories on our modular wooden docks, we offer galvanized steel swim ladders or staircases (width 95cm) and railings with double handrail made of rope, galvanized steel or wood. We can also offer custom railing.

Design, landscape integration and respect of the environment

The combination of fine wood decking with slight overhang on a minimalist steel structure gives a special design to our wooden docks, allowing them to integrate seamlessly with all natural environments. Their assembly is performed by two men, without the use of heavy equipment, machinery or tooling. Being totally removable, our pontoons leave virtually no footprint on the environment. In places where the weather conditions are too severe, they can be overwintered, only anchoring system remains on the sea, lake or river bed.