A floating pontoon for pedestrians as part of the renovation of a centuries-old bridge.

What happens when you need to renovate the only pedestrian bridge that provides access to a village that is home to several hundred inhabitants?

We answered this question with ATS (Applications Travaux Spéciaux), a BTP company in Ballan Mire near Tours (41) that specialises in the renovation of infrastructure. The response was to provide pedestrian access made up entirely of sections of modular RotoDock floating pontoons anchored just a few metres from the bridge as it underwent repair work.

Located in Lavardin in the region of Loir-et-Cher (41), this Gothic bridge dating back to the 13th century is one of the town’s architectural emblems. Its renovation was crucial to the town, but it was also essential not to impede the residents while the work was being carried out!

Having responded to a call to tender, it was ATS, one of our preferred partners for several years, that won the contract with their convincing proposal and the installation of this floating pontoon.

The RotoDock model was selected for its well-proven stability. The 45 metre footbridge is made up of 15 RotoDock sections, each one metre wide, with guardrails on both sides to ensure pedestrian safety.

Using floating RotoDock sections as a pedestrian footbridge proved an excellent solution to keep people moving as BTP carried out its repairs.


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