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Easyfloat Floating Dock

An EasyFloat Floating Dock is perfectly suited for applications where beiNG low on water is essential. Thanks to its height of 21cm, it is often used in applications such as rowing, canoeing, etc.

An Easyfloat Floating Dock is a set of floatation units measuring 0,60 m x 1,20 m, with a thickness of 21cm, integrated into a frame made of 4 aluminum profiles connected by polypropylene corner pieces. The floatation units are made from UV stabilized impact resistant plastic filled with expanded polystyrene and sealed, which means they are not affected by water and other external factors. Easy Float only uses stainless steel fittings, making it a solid structure with a long life span.

Blocs de flottaison pour pontons flottants d'aviron
Floatation unit
Profilé en aluminium pour pontons flottants d'aviron
Aluminum profile

Corner piece

We offer 9 standard models of floating dock sections, easy to assemble, which allow achieving any desired configuration.

Standard models of Low Freeboard Pontoons

Low free board, high floatation

With a height of less than 21cm giving a freeboard out of load of +/- 19cm and a buoyancy of 150kg / m², our Easyfloat Floating Docks are particularly suitable where being as low as possible on the water is essential (rowing, canoeing and kayaking ...).

Floating docks easy to assemble, remove, transport

The assembly of the Easyfloat Floating Docks is realized by means of hinges very easy to implement, without using special tools.

Most of our customers install their Floating Dock by themselves, however we offer an installation service by certified technicians.

The low weight of the smaller sections facilitates installation, but also eventually dismantling, transporting and storing if your location requires, during winter season for example.

Accessories, anchoring, gangways and railings

The aluminum profile type C on the periphery of each section of Easyfloat Floating Docks makes it easy to fasten all types of accessories, anchors, gangways or railings, standard or custom made.


A key objective in the design of the EasyFloat dock sections was to create a pontoon system minimizing the impact on the environment. With their shallow draft, dock sections do not interfere substantially with aquatic fauna and flora. No sharp edges, no dyes, no heavy fasteners. Unlike other docks, EasyFloat does not use products that could spread toxic substances in water.

A long life

The EasyFloat docks are sustainable products over time. They can be used for many years. They do not need to be varnished or treated, you can enjoy it without having to think about maintenance every season.