Floating Docks, Floating Cubes and Wooden Docks

Whatever your profile, if you want to build a dock to access the water, you will likely find it in one of the applications described on our website.


Recreational Activities

Discover our floating docks and floating platforms suitable for recreational water centers. All pontoons are designed to accommodate different types of accessories and adapt to your project. They are perfectly suited for recreational activities like canoeing, pedal boats, electric boats, bathing, etc.


Excellent alternative to traditional pool, this type of installation is completely modular and can be adapted to all water bodies. You can arrange different bathing areas and choose from a wide selection of accessories to customize your project.


Our floating docks and modular wooden docks can be used for environmental applications in parks, on footpaths or to provide access to a beach.

Water Sports

Our various modular floating pontoons are ideal for water sports such as sailing, canoeing, rowing, water skiing, etc. They offer strength and comfort to users. The assembly and maintenance is also very easy.

Industrial Applications

Our different types of modular docks can also be used to create floating platforms for maintenance works on the water or for industrial applications. They can support weight of a scaffold or a water pump, they facilitate access to water for workers or divers, they can also be used in water treatment plants.


Our floating dock sections are also perfectly adapted to tourism applications: river ports, camping, leisure camps, etc. Arrange your dock as you wish through our wide selection of accessories, gangways and railings.

Boating and yachting

Discover our floating pontoons suitable for boating and yachting. Our dock sections can receive a wide range of accessories (fender, cleats, railings, gangways, catways, etc.). The modularity of our products will allow you to welcome most of the boats and yachts one can find on rivers and lakes.
Jet Ski

Jet Ski

Our floating docks and Jet Ski lifts are ideal for operators of Jet Ski rental facilities to simplify the launching of the machines, improve comfort of their customers with stable platforms, and speed-up rotations.


All our pontoons are suitable for private use. You can choose from our range of floating dock sections or cubes, our jet ski lifts, our rowing pontoon or wooden pontoon.

Our Commitment

Beyond the search for the pontoon corresponding to your need, you will also find on our website the essential recommendations regarding anchoring of your pontoon, a choice of gangways, handrails, as well as a vast range of accessories.

Do not hesitate to contact us to request an interview with one of our sales advisors, on your site.

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