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We provide 2 ranges of gangways : polyethylene or aluminum. Polyethylene gangways naturally play the card of integration with our pontoons. Based on a standard section of 1.35 m wide x 1.90 m long, we can assemble 2 or 3 modules. You have the choice between a gangway of 1.90 m, 3.80 m or 5.70 m long. As standard, our aluminum gangways feature width of 1.50 m and length of 4.00 m or 6.00 m.

We also propose custom made gangways, they can be of any size and configuration to meet your requirements. All our gangways are equipped with a non-slip floor. They can be provided with handrails. To make the connection between the dock and the shore, the pier, the beach or other pontoon, gangways are either put (on the dock with a roller) or anchored to the dock section or to the shore.

Gangways for Floating Cubes

1 - 2 on 2
1 - 2 on 2