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Floating bathing platform

You want to equip your water body with a bathing platform? Discover our floating platform built with polyethylene cubes. Perfectly modular, it adapts to all environments and projects. Whether in a lake, at sea or in a river, it will seduce you by its stability and simplicity of assembly.

Our bathing platforms are composed of double modular floating cubes. These cubes of 50cm x 100cm x 40cm have a buoyancy of 350kg/m². They are available in several colors: beige, grey, black, blue and orange. It is also possible to adapt a specific color provided a minimum quantity. 


Double floating cubes are assembled with each other with connecting pins every 50cm. Equipped with 4 ears at four different heights, they are connected with a specific tool: the locking key. This system is very straightforward and allows to build and dismantle the platform very quickly. 

A custom floating platform

According to your needs, it is possible to fasten to the platform a wide range of accessories. A screwing system is adapted to the cube’s ears and will allow you to integrate diving boards and bathing scale on the edge of the platform. 

3 standard platform models

Main advantage of a floating cube platform is its perfect modularity. We propose 3 standard model that differs from each other by their size and accessories: Small, Medium and Large.

Small bathing platform


  • Floating platform of 3,00m x 3,00m
  • Buoyancy of 3.150kg
  • 1 diving board in cubes of 80cm height
  • 1 polyethylene scale
  • Total surface of 9m²

Medium bathing platform


  • Floating platform of 5,00m x 5,00m
  • Buoyancy of 8.750kg
  • 2 diving boards in cubes of 80cm height
  • 2 polyethylene scales
  • Total surface of 25m²

Large bathing platform


  • Floating platform of 7,00m x 7,00m
  • Buoyancy of 17.150kg
  • 2 diving boards in cubes of 80cm height
  • 2 polyethylene scales
  • Total surface of 49

If you have questions concerning our bathing platforms, contact us by phone or with our contact form. Our technical team will propose you adapted solutions to your lake and you objectives.