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Modular Jet Ski drive-on dock : Multi Port

Our modular jetski drive-on dock facilitates the dry-docking and launching of our engine. Principal advantage of this system is that it allows you to park many jets in rows. If the available space you have in a port is reduced in the width, this is the optimal solution.

Our Jet Ski drive-on dock is constituted by several elements. At first, modular floating cubes of 50cm x 50cm x 40cm impart the platform a floating capacity of 350kg/m². Next, the central slipway elements of 1m² equipped with horizontal and side rolls gets the hull of the boat. 

Modular floating cubes
Slipway elements with rolls
Entry element
Head element

To facilitate dry-docking, we’ve developed a V-shaped entry part with a 1st roller at water level. Your engine can drive on the platform simply through the power of engine. At the end of the platform, our head part features a raised bow to avoid overshooting.

A modular and evolving dock

Main advantage of floating cube platform is its complete modularity. Thus, it is fully possible to adapt the platform to the number of jet skis you own, simply in adding slipway elements and cubes. We bid two basic models: the Multi Port 4 and Multi Port 6 to dock 4 or 6 engines.  

Multi Port 4

Ideal to park 4 jet skis

Head parts: 2
Slipway elements: 10
Entry part: 2
Cubes: 46
Screws, nuts: 32

Multi Port 6

Ideal to park 6 jet skis

Head parts: 2
Slipway elements: 18
Entry part: 2
Cubes: 70
Screws, nuts: 48

Advantages of a Multi Port jet ski platform

  • Facilitated launching and dry-docking
  • Allows to park many jets on the same structure
  • Easy access to the jet skis
  • No more antifouling (environmental friendly and economical solution)
  • Low maintenance
  • Possibility to store the structure during winter 
  • Several anchoring systems and anchoring

This system is fully modular so it is possible to imagine several solutions adapted to your needs. If you have questions concerning the installation of modular Jet Ski drive-on docks, contact by phone or with our contact form. Our technical team will propose solutions that are adapted to your needs and lake.