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EasyFloat bathing platform

If you want to equip your lake or river with a bathing platform, you will love our EasyFloat low freeboard platform. With its height of 21,00cm, this type of platform facilitates the rise of bathers ensuring outstanding stability.

Our low freeboard bathing platform is a set of floatation units measuring 0,60 m x 1,20 m, integrated into a frame made of 4 aluminum profiles. The floatation units are made from UV stabilized impact resistant plastic filled with expanded polystyrene, which ensures buoyancy of 150kg / m².

A customizable bathing platform

Our monobloc EasyFloat bathing platforms can be customized to your needs by securing a series of accessories. Thanks to an aluminum profile Type C along each section, it is possible to integrate diving boards and stainless steel swim ladders

3 Standard models

We offer 3 standard models that differ in their sizes and their accessories: Small, Medium and Large.

Small bathing platform


  • 3,60m x 3,00m floating platform 
  • Floatability of 1.642kg
  • 1 x 1.00m high stainless steel diving board 
  • x stainless steel swim ladder
  • Total area of 10,8m²

Medium bathing platform


  • 4,80m x 4,20m floating platform 
  • Floatability of 3.060kg
  • 2 x 1.00m high stainless steel diving board
  • x stainless steel swim ladder
  • Total area of 20,16m²

Large bathing platform


  • 6,00m x 6,00m floating platform 
  • Floatability of 5.463kg
  • 2 x 1.00m high stainless steel diving board
  • x stainless steel swim ladder
  • Total area of 36m²

You have questions about our EasyFloat bathing platforms. Contact us by phone or via our contact form. Our technical team will propose solutions adapted to your project based on your location and your specific objectives.