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Jet Ski Dock: Jet Port Max®

The new dock Jet Port Max®: the latest generation of jet ski docks. Wider than the Jet Port®, it benefits from a series of changes that improve user comfort.

The latest arrival to the jet ski dock family, the Jet Port Max®'s features make getting jet skis in and out of the water easier:

  • 50cm wider that its little sister, the Jet Port® dock, it facilitates access to and movement around the jet ski;
  • It offers greater flotation (1340kg) to keep up with developments in machines;
  • The sloping section of the dock is gentler, in a "V" shape;
  • Jet Port Max ® is fitted with 14 side rollers, 8 of which are adjustable to suit all machines;
  • The non-slip tread covers the entire length of the dock, right around the jet ski;
  • Two integrated holes at the head of the dock letting you anchor to tubes without additional callipers;
  • The bow is higher and removable.

The head of the dock has 8 openings which, with the help of couplers, lets you assemble several docks together, or sections of RotoDock floating docks. These openings also let you attach accessories thanks to half couplers.


The Jet Port Max® can be secured to a wharf and a dock, even floating, using a combination of the following equipment:

  • On the platform: two aluminium telescopic brackets;
  • Connection between the bracks on the dock and the platform: steel tube, with a 4-inch cross-section. The tube fits right into the telescopic bracket and slides into the dock's anchoring area, letting it follow any possible tides. The tube is:

    • fixed to the telescopic bracket;
    • screwed at the bottom using an anchorage bolt (it can also be struck);
    • also equipped with a finishing cap.
La rampe à jet ski Jet Port équipée de 8 rouleaux latéraux en option.
Jet Port Max® with removable rollers

Technical information

Dimensions: 3,86m x 1,96m x 38cm
Flotation:  1340kg
Item ref.:  RDS-01070
Materialslow-density polyethylene