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Floating Pool in Natural Environment

You want to reconnect with the pleasures of swimming in a natural environment? You will probably be seduced by our Floating Pool concept.

Creation of areas of floating pool in a natural environment is an excellent alternative to regular bathing. Fully modular, this type of installation offers the advantage of adapting to different types of water body. You will be able to develop different swimming areas with different depths and choose from a wide range of accessories to customize your structure.

A floating and modular structure

The swimming area is composed of two structures: the beach made of double cubes 50cm x 100cm x 40cm which is the visible part of the pool and a bottom made of double cubes with low freeboard of 50cm x 100cm x 25cm. These cubes confer exceptional buoyancy to the whole structure.

The swimming area is completely modular. You can decide to give it the shape you want and why not create various swimming areas. The bottom being secured to the edge through galvanized steel bars, it is possible to easily adjust the depth of the various basins. You can for example consider creating a paddling pool reserved for infants and another swimming area reserved for kids, teenagers and adults.

A secured environment

A perimeter net is placed in the submerged swimming area, its tight meshing allows water to pass, and only water!

In order to secure the edge a perimeter wide mesh net is attached on polyethylene railing posts which are connected to the external ears of the cubes.

It is also possible to install a barrage of anti-pollution containment upstream swimming, in order to retain the algae, jams, etc. and ensure cleanliness inside of the floating structure.

Anchoring and accessories

A floating swim area can be anchored on dead weights or stiff arms. It all depends on the environment and the nature of the water body.

Besides polyethylene railing posts used to secure the edge via the installation of perimeter net, we offer swim ladders also made of polyethylene to ensure unity of all material. Finally, one or more gangways are often necessary, made of polyethylene or aluminum.

Ease of assembly

The assembly of a floating swim area is very easy. Apart from the two tools we provide for assembling cubes, it requires no special tooling. Most often, we perform the first assembly as well as disassembly (for swimming which must be overwintered) with our customer, private or local authority, who is then trained for seasons to come.

Float lines easy to install and use

It is also possible to install float lines to define a bathing area. These rotomolded polyethylene buoys measure 18 cm in diameter and 80 cm long. They are not threaded on a string, but rather hooked what is a considerable advantage in case of replacement of one buoys as all buoys don’t have to be removed.

Available in red and white, they have enough buoyancy to hang a safety net. The net prevents kids from swimming out of the bathing area but also allows keeping the area clean by holding dirt, debris or jams.

You have questions about our secured modular bathing in natural environment, our prices, you want to discuss about your project? Do not hesitate to call or e-mail us. Our team will be happy to bring answers to your questions.