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    The modular dock specialist

    6 types of docks adapted to your needs

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    Exceptional floatation and stability

    Modular Floating Docks

    You create a water recreational center, you renew the pontoon
    of a sailing club or you look for a floating work platform?

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    Foolproof flexibility

    Modular floating cubes

    Looking for a flexible floating pontoon, featuring total modularity
    and allowing it to withstand exceptional tidal and weather conditions?

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    Low on water, stable and modular

    Easyfloat Floating Dock

    You are looking for a floating pontoon being as low as possible on the water
    for your rowing or kayak club, or for your private use?

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  • ponton-bois-modulaires-belrive.jpg

    Design, landscape integration and respect of the environment

    Modular Wooden Docks

    You want to build a fixed wooden pontoon being aesthetic, very robust,
    and that adapts to all environments?

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  • plateforme-bateaux-boot-boat-barca-lift.jpg

    Fits all boats and RIBs

    Boat Lift

    You want to simplify launching and dry-docking of your boat ?

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  • rampe-jet-ski-belrive-en.jpg

    The latest generation of drive-on jet ski dock

    Jet Ski Docks

    You operate a jet skis base and want to simplify launching
    of the machines and improve service to your customers?

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drive-on boat dock : Boat Lift


jet ski docks : Jet Port


Boat lift : The only drive-on boat dock of its kind

Our boat lift makes it easy launching and dry-docking of your boat. Built of modular floating cubes, it easily adapts to the weight and size of any machine.

Our boat lift makes it easy launching and dry-docking of your boat. It consists of modular floating cubes 50 x 50 x 40cm and body parts 100 x 100cm equipped with horizontal and lateral rollers to receive the hull of your boat or RIB.

To facilitate dry-docking, we’ve developed a V-shaped entry part with a 1st roller at water level. Your boat or RIB can drive on the platform simply through the power of engine. At the end of the boat lift, our head part features a raised bow to avoid overshooting, but also to attach a winch if the size and weight of the boat require.

A modular but strong configuration

The main advantage of a boatlift made of floating cubes is its total modularity and therefore the ability to adapt to the size and weight of your boat.

We offer 3 standard models: Boat Lift 6, 7 and 8 for boats up to 6, 7 or 8 m long. Each model is available in 4 versions: S stands for Standard, when I, L and U refer to the shape of each addition of extra cubes to the standard version. The concept being totally modular, any custom configuration is of course possible.

Boat Lift 6/S
Boat Lift 6/I
Boat Lift 6/L
Boat Lift 6/U

Why choose a modular boatlift

Easy launching and dry-docking
Facilitates access to boat
No need to use antifouling (ecological and economical)
Low maintenance
Can easily be wintered
Fits most boats and RIBs
Different anchoring systems and accessories available