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Modular Floating Docks : RotoDock

The floating docks we offer are fully modular. Thanks to a wide range of accessories, gangways and railings, they can fit any water bodies and projects.

Our RotoDock pontoon sections are made of low density polyethylene. They are available in 4 standard, monobloc models, from which all configurations can be realized.

DimensionsWeight Flotation# Part
A. 1.0m x 1.5m x 38cm 45.4 kg 453.6 kg RDS-01010
B. 1.0m x 3.0m x 38cm 86.2 kg 907.2 kg RDS-01020
C. 1.5m x 3.0m x 38cm 129.3 kg 1360.8 kg RDS-01030
D. 2.0m x 3.0m x 38cm 170.1 kg 1814.4 kg RDS-01040

4 sections de pontons flottants modulaires

Exceptional flotation and stability

The unique design of our monobloc pontoon sections is characterized by an alternation of a structured buoyancy chamber and open rooms. A cut of the dock section allows to see: 

  • The buoyancy chamber which assures a flotation of 305kg/ m². This chamber contains air only, no polyurethane or polystyrene foams which are not recyclable;
  • The open rooms which create a suction effect by keeping the air under the deck of the dock section, generating a high stability and therefore increased comfort and safety.
  • In addition, the wall thickness of 7.8 mm provides impressive structural integrity.

vue en coupe d'une section de ponton flottant modulaire

Modularity and ease of assembly

coupleurs servant au montage d'un ponton flottant

RotodDock pontoon sections are characterized by a deliberately limited number of components in order to ease assembly. Connection points consisting of pockets are located every 50cm on all 4 sides of each section.

The assembly of dock sections is carried out using couplers: consisting of 3 parts, they are made of recycled rubber and composite material for the hardware. These couplers which get in the pockets, allow independent movement of the sections under the influence of extreme conditions, but without compromising the stability of the whole. The assembly is very easy, it can be done by you or by one of our teams.


The monobloc dock sections can receive various types of accessories, which are assembled on the sections through half couplers, which are placed in the pockets and allow to fasten railings, gangways, anchoring systems, etc. 

Integration in the environment, comfort and maintenance

Beige, with a thickness of 38cm and a freeboard of 36cm, our dock sections fit perfectly into any natural environment. This low freeboard is of great comfort to access most of the boats which we find on lakes and rivers. The deck of the pontoon presents a safe slip-resistant surface thanks to the combination of finely grained polyethylene, embossed surface and the presence of small lateral water drainage channels.

The beige color is also an advantage on hot summer days, when the the dark colored pontoons absorb heat and are proving very uncomfortable barefoot. Plus, with a polyethylene pontoon, you no longer have risk of splinters, rust or moss. Maintenance of our dock sections of is very easy: it is realized using a simple watering hose and soapy water.

Features and benefits of RotoDock sections :

  • Polyvalent modular design
  • Exceptional flotation and stability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Beige color           
  • Safe, slip-resistant surface
  • Multiple anchoring options
  • Complete range of gangways, handrails and accessories
  • Eco-friendly