A floating swimming pool on the River Tarn in Saint-Juéry

A new floating swimming pool has just been installed on the River Tarn. Four years after the initiative was first embarked upon in Rivières, it is Saint-Juéry's turn to enjoy the pleasures of swimming in natural surroundings.

Saint-Juéry City Council has just installed a floating pool on the banks of the River Tarn. Throughout the summer, bathers will have a safe space in which to indulge in their pastime.

The safe pool in natural surroundings lets bathers gather in a single area, thus making supervision by lifeguards that much easier. A by-law actually prohibits swimming outside the area.

A pool made out of floating cubes

The floating pool is made from polyethylene cubes. This type of cube has the advantage of being fully modular. They can be used to create platforms of any shape and any size. They can also be fitted with a number of accessories according to the needs of each project.

The pool is divided into three distinct parts:

  • a visible beach measuring 14 m x 10 m that surrounds a 60 m² pool and is equipped with railing and perimeter net;
  • an area sunk to 1.1 m forming the bottom of the pool, bordered by a protection net that lets in only river water;
  • an open swimming area measuring 20 m x 10 m, which is bottomless and bordered by a pool float line.

The city council wanted to create a distinct, larger bottomless swimming area to cater to more people's expectations.

Two polyethylene ladders were also secured to the floating cubes to make it easier for bathers to get out of the water in both swimming areas.

A modular pool that can be disassembled

The pool will be disassembled with our help and stored away when summer is over. It can be easily reassembled next year and can even be expanded or modified if necessary.