EasyFloat floating docks for Mauzac's water sports club

Mauzac's water sports club has purchased two EasyFloat floating docks. This pontoon with its low profile will be used for sailing and rowing activities.

On the River Dordogne, upstream from the Mauzac dam, Club Nautique Mauzacois has been offering sailing for nearly 45 years. It is the only sailing club in the Dordogne. They offer many activities: sailing lessons, short courses for children and adults, cruises, recreational and competitive sailing, etc. The club also shares all its facilities with Mauzac's rowing club.

When replacing their old wooden pontoon that had become worn over time, the Club decided on our EasyFloat floating docks. These are polyethylene floats enclosed in an anodised aluminium casing. Unlike wood, this type of pontoon can be used for many years without the need for varnish or any other treatment. In addition, its 19 cm unloaded freeboard makes boarding small boats much easier.

Measuring 15 m in length (two 6 m x 2.4 m sections and one 3 m x 2.4 m section), the pontoon is anchored to the riverbank with two aluminium gangways. One factor to be accounted for in this project was the Club's wish to restrict access to the pontoon. We designed a drawbridge system raising part of the gangway to avoid having uninvited guests on the pontoon.