Floating docks for a new water sports centre in Frouzins

There is a new water sports centre in Frouzins in the Haute-Garonne. Built on the site of an old gravel pit, the centre will allow members to learn the pleasures of sailing.

Funded by the city council, the new water sports centre in Frouzins now has a brand new building and floating dock.

The 12 m pontoon is made from four 1.5 m x 3 m floating sections. It has six 1 m x 3 m finger pontoons and polyethylene cleats to moor the boats. A 3.8 m polyethylene gangway with a galvanised steel roller connects it to the shore, providing access to the platform.

As the bottom of the gravel pit is naturally uneven, our polyethylene brackets were used in a mixed anchoring solution: with piles at the base of the pontoon at the shore end and with deadweights at the far end.