The leisure centre in Meymac installs a new floating dock

A new floating dock has been installed at Meymac's leisure centre. It will make it easier to access the many boats.

The leisure centre in Meymac is located at Lake Sèchemailles. The centre with a sandy beach offers a number of different sports and recreational activities: swimming, fishing, sailing, kayaking, pedal boating, etc.

To make it easier to access the boats, the centre has fitted a new floating dock measuring 15 m in length. Consisting of five 1.5 m x 3 m floating sections, the structure has six finger pontoons also measuring 1.5 m x 3 m. Polyethylene mooring cleats make mooring boats easier.

The pontoon is anchored with two galvanised steel piles secured with brackets also made from galvanised steel. These brackets allow the pontoon to adapt to the fluctuations in water level. A polyethylene gangway with a galvanised steel roller connects the pontoon to the shore.