Maintenance pontoons on the River Meuse for ARTES

ARTES used our floating docks for renovations on the River Meuse. This movable platform facilitates maintenance operations as they move along the riverbank.

The work platform made from our floating pontoon sections is used on the Meuse in Namur (Belgium) as part of renovations of the RAVel. This is a series of greenways for cyclists and pedestrians, established mainly along towpaths and old railway lines. The project involves widening the path and covering it with coloured concrete.

To facilitate their work, ARTES purchased a 1.5 m x 9 m floating platform (composed of three 1.5 m x 3 m sections). This movable platform enables them to work on the embankment from below at water level. The platform can be moved along as needed by the workers.

To ensure the safety of the workers, special maintenance work railings were installed. These have openings where planks or beams can be passed through.