Multi Port jet ski docks for Locamarine

A Multi Port platform was installed in Loctudy. It can accommodate five jet skis side by side in a berth with limited width.

Locamarine is a leisure centre located in the Moulin Blanc marina in Loctudy (Finistère). It offers various activities such as boat trips and instruction on sailing boats, RIBs and jet skis.

To make it easier to dry-dock and launch its jet skis, Locamarine has decided to install Multi Port docks. These are modular platforms made up of floating cubes, central docks for the crafts' hulls and a dock head. It is the ideal solution when there is limited berth space. In Locamarine's case, it is thus possible to dock five jet skis side by side, on a 4 m x 5.5 m floating platform.