Pontoons and docks for Saint-Maur

The municipality of Saint-Maur (36) has called upon our services to install several pontoons on the Ballastières sites. The aim is to improve the lake by creating a promenade across the islands, whatever the height of the water.

In 2014, the commune of Saint-Maur purchased the Ballastières site. It is a large wetland area (18 hectares, including 12 hectares of water), which has been classified as an Espaces Naturels Sensibles (ENS, Sensitive Natural Space) by the Indre regional council.

The aim is to open the site to the general public while preserving the natural character of the valley. Several developments are being planned to offer to the public a space that is both wild and secure. They consist in putting up signage, furniture, a walkway and pontoons. It is for this last feature that the municipality has called upon our services.

The objective has been to increase the walking area and create access to an island located in the middle of the lake, which was not previously accessible to walkers.

To do this, we have created a promenade consisting of two types of different pontoons:

- Two NBC Marine wooden pontoons anchored by chains to an anchoring system. One measuring 52 m long in a Y-shape, the other 20 m long. They both link the central island to the two sides of the riverbank.

- A NBC Marine wooden dock, anchored by piles and marking out the central island to create the link between the two pontoons.

These types of docks offer the advantage of having no impact on the environments that accommodate them. A more-than-decisive factor for a Natura 2000-classified preservation area.

Here you can watch a video of the two pontoons being installed on the Ballastières site.