A starting dock for a jet ski competition

Cintec Yachting chose our SunnyDock floating cubes for its starting dock on the river Meuse.

Cintec Yachting is a nautical centre situated in Wandre, in the Liège region of Belgium. It provides boat and jet ski sale and maintenance services, and organises regular events such as races and shows.

Recently, Cyntec Yachting selected our SunnyDock floating cubes to create a departure dock for a jet ski competition. At 30.00m long and 2.00m wide, this dock is anchored to the shore by lines. This system has the advantage of being easy to detach and reposition as required. It also has two 8.00m catways at the two extremities to facilitate operations at the start of competitions.

What convinced Cintec Yachting was the modularity of our floating cubes. Easy to assembleremove and transport, they can quickly be reinstalled for the next event.