A floating dock for Straubing Rowing Club

Straubing Rowing Club has acquired an EasyFloat floating dock to enable its members to board and disembark.

Straubing Rowing Club is situated on the Danube in Germany's Bavaria region.  To upgrade its infrastructure, a new EasyFloat floating dock measuring 12.00m x 2.40m has been installed on the shores of the Danube. With a freeboard of 21cm, this type of floating dock is particularly recommended to facilitate rowers' boarding and disembarkation movement.

Anchored to the shore via two aluminium gangways, the main challenge with this installation was in the big range in river tides at this location. To remedy this problem, we decided to leave fixed anchorage points on the floating dock and to use the lifting rings on the shore. The floating dock is thus able to follow the variations in the water level by adjusting the gangways to the height required.