The floating swimming pools of Paris are back for a second year

This summer, from June 20th to September 9th, you will be able to swim in the Bassin de la Villette in Paris (19th arrondissement). For the second year running, our teams have set up secure floating swimming pools over 100 metres in length, with four pools of different depths.

As promised by Jacques Chirac almost 30 years ago, for the second year in a row, visitors can now swim in the Bassin de la Villette! For the Paris Plage 2018, the City of Paris is once again setting up secure swimming areas to welcome summer holidaymakers. Visitors can swim in the natural waters of the Bassin in 4 pools of different depths. Assembled from SunnyDock floating cubes and covered by composite wooden decking, the pools are remarkably easy to dismantle and reassemble for the next summer season.

After the success in 2017, the City of Paris has added a fourth pool this year for little swimmers and their parents.

The Floating Swimming Pools will open on June 20th, and anyone can visit free of charge until September 9th.


The swimming pools (made by Dock Marine) feature a 103m-by-16m floating “beach” of buoyant cubes covered by a composite wooden deck. This is the only visible part of the installation, with protective railings around the edges. The beach has 4 pools:

  •          A 10m-by-10m paddling pool with a depth of 40cm;
  •          Another paddling pool, 8m-by-12m and 40cm deep;
  •          A 30m-by-12m swimming pool with a depth of 1.20m;
  •          Another swimming pool, 40m-by-12m and 2m deep.  

The floor of each pool is also made of SunnyDock floating cubes connected together. Each cube is held at the right depth by aluminium rails that screw into the ears of the cubes. Polycarbonate dividers slide in between the rails to close off and protect the pools. The dividers fit tightly, keeping the swimmers in and any floating debris out.

The composite wooden decking and beach railings were developed in collaboration with the design agency IOL. This was the first time that we used this type of decking to decorate one of our pools, requiring us to design a completely new cladding system that meets all of our logistical, aesthetic, and safety requirements.


To keep the swimmers safe, 6 city lifeguards will be constantly on watch. The lifeguards will be present whenever the pools are open, from 11am to 9pm.

For the last few years, the City of Paris has been working hard to clean up the water in the Bassin to achieve optimal swimming conditions. The water quality was found to exceed satisfactory levels by the daily tests performed during last year's event. The same tests will be performed again this year. 

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