The trial period is over! Our new generation of floating pools in natural environment will be ready for 2020.

In the heart of Liège, Dock Marine Europe's home port, our teams have successfully trialled the improvements made to our future pools in natural environment.

With the help of the industrial design firm iol, Dock Marine has drawn on its specialized knowledge of floating docks to further improve modularity, simplicity and compliance.

This new generation of floating pools is the culmination of seven years of research and development focused on offering more accessible solutions without compromising durability or safety.


Seven years of research

Managing Director, Alexandre de Vits: "Dock Marine Europe produces modular floating docks. In 2013, we released a unique concept, a range of floating pools in natural environment. In 2017, we worked on a large-scale project for the city of Paris on the Bassin de la Villette. We learnt a number of important lessons from this project. Today we are working on new prototypes. [...] The most important features for this type of pool are modularity, ease of set-up, ease of disassembly and compliance with various industry standards. We have been able to combine modularity, ease of assembly and ease of removal whilst meeting these standards [...]"


A lower price with the same level of compliance

Michaël Verleyen, iol Managing Director, explains the genesis of the project for these new prototypes: "After the success in Paris, Dock Marine began developing pools for communities and towns that were smaller than Paris. We worked on creating a test for a more accessible, more affordable, planking-free pool which, of course, also meets all relevant safety standards and the requirements of water-based facilities. "


Two new ranges by 2020

The new generation of pool will be ready for release in the 2020 Season. A new website will also be online soon, with a description of our two ranges of floating pools. These projects will be developed in Autumn 2019 for release in 2020.

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