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How do you install your own dock?

When purchasing a dock, a floating platform or a boat lift, many of you ask about installing it: "Can I install my dock myself?"

Should I buy or hire my pontoon?

Do you have a development project by water, and are rightly wondering whether it's better to purchase or hire your pontoon? We hope that this article will guide you in your decision.

Choosing the right floating pontoon

People choose a pontoon for all sorts of reasons – whether it is for sailing or rowing, business or pleasure, on a lake or by the sea, or for a landscaped or wild bank. Moreover, making the right decision is rarely easy.

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Five new jet ski docks in Corsica

Jet Sensations is a leisure centre located in Porticcio in Corsica. It offers jet ski trips at sea and quad bike excursions on the island.

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How to choose your dock ?

The choice of a pontoon can prove to be very difficult because there are many parameters to consider. If you plan to invest in a floating pontoon, these few lines should help you see more clearly.