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    nothing changes for the management of current files and new applications.

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    The modular dock specialist

    6 types of docks adapted to your needs

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  • pontons-flottants-modulaires-dock-marine.jpg

    Exceptional floatation and stability

    Modular Floating Docks

    You create a water recreational center, you renew the pontoon
    of a sailing club or you look for a floating work platform?

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  • cube-flottant-modulaire-belrive.jpg

    Foolproof flexibility

    Modular floating cubes

    Looking for a flexible floating pontoon, featuring total modularity
    and allowing it to withstand exceptional tidal and weather conditions?

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  • ponton-flottant-easyfloat-aviron-2.jpg

    Low on water, stable and modular

    Easyfloat Floating Dock

    You are looking for a floating pontoon being as low as possible on the water
    for your rowing or kayak club, or for your private use?

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  • ponton-bois-modulaires-belrive.jpg

    Design, landscape integration and respect of the environment

    Modular Wooden Docks

    You want to build a fixed wooden pontoon being aesthetic, very robust,
    and that adapts to all environments?

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  • plateforme-bateaux-boot-boat-barca-lift.jpg

    Fits all boats and RIBs

    Boat Lift

    You want to simplify launching and dry-docking of your boat ?

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  • rampe-jet-ski-belrive-en.jpg

    The latest generation of drive-on jet ski dock

    Jet Ski Docks

    You operate a jet skis base and want to simplify launching
    of the machines and improve service to your customers?

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Environmental applications

Our floating docks and modular wooden docks can be used for environmental applications in parks, on footpaths or to provide access to a beach.

You have questions about our modular floating docks or modular wooden docks, our prices, you want to discuss about your project? Do not hesitate to call or e-mail us. Our team will be happy to bring answers to your questions.