Float-tube station
One of the new ways of freshwater fishing, the float-tube appeals to young people and sportsmen looking for new places to cast their rods. The tube supports the angler in a seated position in the middle of the water. With the lower half of their body submerged, they can move around using flippers. To encourage this practice, the Fédération de l'Aisne pour la Pêche et la Protection du Milieu Aquatique wanted new, adapted equipment. A platform needed to be designed to provide access to the water and advice to beginners. Dock Marine came up with a solution based on submerged SunnyDock cubes that provide secure access to the pond. Federation officials can also coach float-tubers more easily from the pontoon. The final advantage of the equipment is that the water is much cleaner to get in and out of than if you had to climb up a muddy bank, and you have safe access directly into the water, so you don't get your flippers tangled !

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