Robertville-les-Bains now has a new look thanks to Dock Marine Europe’s new modular floating docks

Located in the province of Liège near Malmédy, the site of Robertville-les-Bains is an important tourist resort which has constantly grown over the years.

It offers its 30,000 visitors a year a beach, an open-air swimming pool and a sizeable number of attractions on the exceptional natural site of the Robertville lake. Concerned about the quality of its facilities and with already forty boats, including pedal boats and rowing boats available to tourists, in 2019 Robertville-les-Bains has embarked on a major programme to modernise its infrastructure and has asked Marine Dock Europe to assist it in this investment.


More modularity, less maintenance

Serge Piron, President of Robertville-les-Bains said: We are a tourist centre open 5 months a year. It is mainly during the summer holidays that most tourists come to relax and enjoy the facilities. The equipment that we had before was still functional but very old and hard to remove before each winter. We wanted something easy, light and as modular as possible. We had 2 options: connect new catways to our existing metal central structure or replace our old pontoon completely with Marine Dock Europe equipment. In the interests of efficiency, uniformity and quality of finish, we chose the second solution despite the additional cost. The modularity and ease of installation and removal convinced us.

Despite unsettled weather, installation of the new pontoons only took two days. The Robertville-les-Bains teams helped put the equipment in place and were trained by the Marine Dock Europe technicians, thus ensuring their full independence for future installations and removals.


The new RotoDock pontoon for electric boats and pedal boats


Two pontoons & two bathing platforms

In all, more than 40 metres of completely modular RotoDock floating pontoons were installed in two locations as well as 2 EasyFloat bathing platforms able to accommodate children and adults a few metres from the shore. Thanks to their low freeboard of 21 cm and their ergonomic ladders, this range of floating platforms offers comfort of use and maximum safety to users.

Des enfants sautent de la plateforme de baignade easyfloat

The choice of the RotoDock as the main structure for the pontoons offers perfect stability and easy boarding for users. The vast choice of RotoDock section sizes and their infinite modularity also allows optimal customisation of each project. For Robertville-les-Bains, Dock Marine Europe was able to reproduce the same dimensions and layout as the existing pontoon. The RotoDock sections also offer the possibility of easy installation of the accessories necessary for operating the resort. For Robertville-les-Bains, electrical charging terminals have been placed on the pontoons to facilitate charging and maintaining the boats.

Le nouveau ponton de 36m avec 7 catways pour l’amarrage des bateaux électriques et pédalos

The new pontoon of 36m with 7 catways for mooring electric boats and pedal boats

Finally, to complete the resort makeover, Dock Marine Europe has also installed a floating pontoon for easy boarding of Grill Islands Donuts. These new round boats with an integrated central barbecue have been all the rage for several years on the Robertville lake and elsewhere.

Un "donuts" : barbecue entre amis sur l'eau

The 4m floating pontoon for the “donuts” floating barbecue.


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